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Community partnerships

Animal welfare partners

Animal welfare Kindest Cut is proud to partner with the following animal welfare groups to ensure homeless and neglected animals in our communities receive spay/neuter surgery before being adopted into new homes.

Adopt A Husky

Adopt Me! Dog Rescue

All Dogs Minnesota

Angel of Hope Rescue

A Rotta Love

Bark MN

Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota

Caring Hands Animal Rescue of MN

Carver Scott Humane Society

Heartland Animal Rescue Team

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue

Heading Home Dog Rescue

MN Pit Bull Rescue

MN Progressive Animal Welfare Society

MN Spay/Neuter Project

Morrison County Humane Society

No Dog Left Behind

North Star Great Pyrenees Rescue of MN

Northwoods Humane Society

Paws Up for You

Peke n Chin Midwest Rescue

Pet Haven Inc. of Mn

Picket Fence Poodle Rescue

Playing Again Sam's of Wisconsin

Rescued Pets are Wonderful

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Ruff Start Rescue

Save-a-Bull Rescue

Secondhand Hounds

Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota

Southern Minnesota Animal Rescue Team

Steele County Humane Society

Twin Cities Pet Rescue

Tri-County Humane Society

Wags and Whiskers Rescue of MN

Whisker Rescue

Business supporters

The following businesses are also supporters of the program and dedicated to our mission of ending animal homelessness.

Pet Stuff

Super 8 - St. Cloud


Pet Fixers has been hosting clinics with Kindest Cut since December 2012 when we started our spay neuter assistance program. They have been with us (patiently and with great support) while we sort out the best way to run this small program of ours. We have held six clinics with KIndest Cut and look forward to four more this year using their services. They have made a reputation for excellent veterinary care in our community and are wonderful with pet owners as well as their compassionate handling of people's pets. We know a clinic with Kindest Cut will run smoothly and with complete professionalism. They are wonderful at communicating quickly and we consider them our partners and also good friends.

Pet Fixers- Spay Neuter Assistance Program
Bemidji, MN

Kindest Cut comes to our shelter monthly, and they are always very professional and helpful. They do not take up much space and they handle their clients and animals in a very organized and efficient manner. There is little to no work involved from our staff; Kindest Cut takes care of everything. The KC staff is very friendly, punctual, and easy to work with. They are also very flexible and willing to make their schedule work with ours to get as many animals in the community spay/neutered as possible. The staff at Kindest Cut are great at what they do and are making a huge difference in many different communities.

Alesha Rothberg
HART Shelter Manager

Leech Lake Legacy began partnering with Kindest Cut in March, 2012 when we offered our first spay/neuter and wellness clinic at Leech Lake Reservation. In partnership with Kindest Cut, we hosted 2 clinics in 2012, 5 in 2013 and have 4 clinics scheduled in 2014. Dr. Meghann and her staff are amazing! They are energetic, compassionate, professional, hardworking and fun! What is critical to the success of Leech Lake Legacy’s programs and services at Leech Lake Reservation is a sense of community. Not only do they bring exceptional veterinary care to our clinics, but they bring staff with passion and commitment for the work they are doing, and an open heart as they build relationship with the residents of Leech Lake Reservation. We are thrilled to have Kindest Cut as a part of the LLL community ….. they have been, and continue to be, an essential partner for the work we are doing at Leech Lake Reservation. Miigwech Kindest Cut, for walking alongside of Leech Lake Legacy, and sharing our vision of a world where every reservation dog and cat is well cared for.

Marilou Chanrasmi
President/Co-Founder, Leech Lake Legacy

"I love working with Kindest Cut! The staff is fabulous.They are always helpful and friendly and go out of their way to make the scheduling process easy. The surgeries are always done well and if there are any questions, they're very responsive and easy to reach." — Sherri B, Homeward Bound Rescue