Kindest Cut. High quality, low cost spay/neuter and wellness services for the pets of people in need.

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Services for shelters and rescues

Animal Humane Society's Kindest Cut program offers low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter, wellness, dental, and specialty surgery services to nonprofit rescues and shelters in Minnesota.

Registered organizations can use the forms below to request services. To register your organization for services, contact us at 763-489-SPAY (7729).

Spay/neuter and wellness services


Neuter (male) $50
Spay (female)* $60
* Flank spays are avaialbe for feral cats when possible.  


Adult neuter (male) under 70 lbs. $70
Adult neuter (male) 70-99 lbs. $80
Adult neuter (male) over 100 lbs. $90
Spay (female) under 50 lbs. $70
Spay (female) 50-79 lbs. $80
Spay (female) 80-99 lbs.* $100
Spay (female) over 100 lbs.* $110
*Female canine patients that weigh over 80 lbs. must be scheduled  at Melrose Animal Clinic in Golden Valley. Please inform our program coordinator when you are scheduling these pets.


Neuter (male) $55
Spay (female) $70

Optional services available on the day of surgery

Microchip and registration $30
Rabies vaccine (includes certificate and tag) $14
Canine distemper combo vaccine (DHPP) $14
Feline distemper combo vaccine (PLRC) $14
Heartworm antigen test $17
4DX test $25
Feline leukemia test $20
Urinalysis $20-$30
FeLV/FIV/HW combo test $30
Extraction of baby teeth $5 per tooth
Flea treatment $10–12
Tapeworm treatment (Cestex injection) $10
Brucellosis test (to external lab) $95

Additional charges that may apply

Hernia repair* $10
Undescended testicles (visible under the skin) $10
Undescended testicles (inside the abdominal cavity) $20
Obese or overtly pregrant animal (significantly overweight or in the third trimester of pregnancy) $10
Flea treatment (required for any patient found to have live fleas) $10–$12
*Unless notified otherwise, we will repair all hernias at the time of surgery.  

Administration of vaccines, microchips provided by the rescue or shelter, or blood draws for tests provided by the rescue are as follows per patient:

One item $5 per patient
Two items $7 per patient
Three or more items $9 per patient

Additional surgical services

Additional surgical services are available to Rescue/Shelter Agencies at our Melrose Animal Clinic in Golden Valley on most Fridays on a nonemergency basis. The prices below are estimates only. In addition, the cost of antibiotic therapy, bandaging, and Elizabethan collars is not included in the estimated prices below.

Eye surgeries

Eye enucleation (per eye) $120–$150
Cherry eye repair (per eye) $100–$120
Entropion repair (per eye) $70–$150

Medically necessary amputations

Tail amputation $100–$120
Toe amputation $100–$150
Limb amputation (pets under 20 lbs.) $350–$375
Limb amputation (pets over 20 lbs.) $350–$600

Other procedures

Cystotomy (includes post op radiographs and stone analysis) $350–$375
Mass removal: Depends on size, location and number of masses. Histopathology is an additional fee.


For scheduling and other specialty surgeries not listed here, please contact us.

In some cases presurgical bloodwork and presurgical examinations will be required for these patients. These services, much like our others, are only available to otherwise healthy animals and required after care is the responsibility of the rescue agency.

Other fees

Already altered animal. If we sedate an animal and then find that the animal exhibits a ventral abdominal midline scar (before making an incision), there will be a $30 charge.

A bilaterally cryptorchid dog or rabbit will not be sedated and surgically explored without confirmation of the presence of testicles by a GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone) test. Some exceptions may be made at Kindest Cut's discretion.