Kindest Cut. High quality, low cost spay/neuter and wellness services for the pets of people in need.

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Spay/neuter services

Kindest Cut provides high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for pets in income-qualified households and animals in the care of nonprofit shelters and rescuesAppointments are available at both Melrose Animal Clinic in Golden Valley and through a mobile surgical unit that visits more than 20 Minnesota communities.

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 Services and fees


Neuter (male) $50
Spay (female)* $60
* Flank spays are available for feral cats when possible.  


Adult neuter (male) under 70 lbs. $70
Adult neuter (male) 70-99 lbs. $80
Adult neuter (male) over 100 lbs. $90
Spay (female) under 50 lbs. $70
Spay (female) 50-79 lbs. $80
Spay (female) 80-99 lbs.** $100
Spay (female) over 100 lbs.** $110
** Female canine patients that weigh over 80 lbs. must be scheduled on a date when we are at Melrose Animal Clinic in Golden Valley Please inform our program coordinator when you are scheduling these pets.  


Neuter (male) $55
Spay (female) $70

Optional services available on the day of surgery

Rabies vaccine (includes certificate and tag) $14
Canine distemper combo vaccine (DHPP) $14
Feline distemper combo vaccine (PLRC) $14
Microchip and registration $30
Heartworm antigen test $17
4DX test $25
Brucellosis test (to external lab) $95
Feline leukemia test $20
FeLV/FIV/HW combo test $30

Additional charges that may apply

Hernia repair (only available to animals scheduled for spay/neuter surgery) $10
Undescended testicles (visible under the skin) $10
Undescended testicles (inside the abdominal cavity) $20
Obese or overtly pregrant animal (significantly overweight or in the third trimester of pregnancy) $10
Flea treatment (required for any patient found to have live fleas) $10-$12

Transportation to your appointment

Kindest Cut offers transport as part of our surgery schedule. If you have trouble getting to a location or the location near you is booked, please inquire about transport locations. Our transport service will pick up scheduled patients from a specific location the morning of surgery, bring them to and from the surgery location in Golden Valley or the mobile surgery location, and drop them off again later that afternoon. Transport is only available for select locations and dates.

Kindest Cut does not provide transportation from a home address to a surgery location.


Our services are in high demand, so please remember to keep your appointment. If you must cancel, please contact Kindest Cut staff at 763-489-SPAY or

Missing an appointment without notifying us in a timely manner may affect your ability to schedule another appointment.