Kindest Cut. High quality, low cost spay/neuter services for the pets of people in need.

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Who is eligible?

Kindest Cut welcomes individuals with limited incomes who are otherwise unable to afford sterilization surgeries, wellness services, and dental services for their companion cats, dogs and rabbits.

Eligibility requirements

To quality for Kindest Cut services, participants must be enrolled in one of the government assistance programs or fall within the household size and income parameters listed below. Please note that Proof of Gross Income is requested prior to receiving services.

Government assistance programs

Household size and income qualifications

Household size Yearly Monthly
1 $29,700 $2,475
2 $40,050 $3,338
3 $50,400 $4,200
4 $60,750 $5,063
5 $71,100 $5,925
6 $81,450 $6,788
7 $91,825 $7,652
8 $102,225 $8,519
Then add if more/additional members $4,160 $347



Please contact us with any eligibility questions at 763-489-SPAY (7729).